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Thrive with 10-35 was established at the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office in 2011. The mission of the organization is to promote the well-being of all Sheriff Office members and their families. We provide information, education; support and practical assistance to help law enforcement families successfully survive and thrive during the Sheriff’s Office employee’s law enforcement career and beyond. Our hope is to better equip families of EDSO employees to manage the challenges of law enforcement, that spouses and partners will feel more secure and connected to their love ones and law enforcement marriages and relationships will be more stable. 


Thrive is based upon voluntary membership, to join, members must request sign up and once we confirmation affiliation to an EDSO employee, they are then approved.


The group is broken down into six committees; Executive, Assimilation, Connection and Assistance, Encouragement, Events, Education, and Critical Incident:

  • The Executive committee oversees all Thrive activities, assesses situations and needs that arise, and mobilizes the appropriate Thrive committees.

  • The Assimilation, Connection and Assistance committee welcomes and assists a new Deputies/employee’s family for the first year on the job, provides mentoring, support groups, and hands-on assistance such as rides, delivering meals, and child care as needed in difficult times.

  • The Encouragement committee sends cards to employees and their families and remembers special occasions.

  • The Events committee plans, coordinates, and publicizes events sponsored by Thrive during the year.

  • The Education committee bring speakers and training to the thrive family.

  • The Critical Incident committee develops, trains, and implements a protocol for informing assisting families when critical incidents occur that involve employees at the Sheriff’s office.


Thrive with 10-35 is a nonprofit and requires no funding from the Sheriff’s office. They complete their tasks with volunteer work, donations, and fundraisers.

Tax Id. # 68-0464074


We have been asked about how to support Thrive 10-35, you can send donations or correspondence to:

El Dorado County Sheriff's Office

Attn: Thrive with 10-35
200 Industrial Drive
Placerville CA 95667


Thank you,
The EDSO Thrive Family

"Our loved ones put themselves at risk in favor of others on a daily basis. Thrive is the platform for our families who share their loved ones with the public."

Janine D'Agostini


El Dorado County Sheriff's Office

Attn: Thrive with 10-35
200 Industrial Drive
Placerville CA 95667

(530) 4US-1035

Thanks for submitting!

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