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El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office

End of Watch: October 23, 2019

Deputy Brian Ishmael

Dearest friends,

As spouses, partners, family members and advocates of Law Enforcement,  we can not adequately thank you enough for the love, care and support you have shown to El Dorado County’s Law Enforcement & First Responders, during this time of tragedy. Your support has meant more to your First Responder community than you can possibly know!

In this day and age, our heroes, who run toward trouble and put themselves at risk in favor of others, every day, do not often receive the appreciation they deserve, so this event was truly an uplifting & honoring experience. There is not one single element of society or type of emergency, disaster or crisis, which does not require our heroes to be involved in. They are called to respond in what is often the darkest, scariest, most unruly and urgent time and situation in people’s lives. No matter what is occurring in their personal lives, they carry out their jobs with integrity and professionalism, show respect and treat people with humanity and dignity. Without these brave responders, we would have anarchy. Your continued support has, in so many ways, allowed our First Responders to feel loved, supported and respected. Words cannot adequately express our thanks and appreciation, but please know how much your actions have Blessed your community and your Sheriff’s Office and all the First Responders who touch and save our lives.


As for the Ishmael Family, this will be a lifelong journey in which they will need our continued love & support and we are committed to do just that. Brian’s sacrifice exemplifies the highest level of duty a peace officer can offer. We may never know the lives he saved. We will never forget!


With your unwavering support to our Law Enforcement, First Responders and our Precious Ishmael Family; you have joined and assisted us in beginning the healing process for our community after the traumatic and shocking incident and tragic loss of our beloved Deputy, Brian Ishmael, October 23, 2019.


With hearts full of gratitude, we deeply thank you.



EDSO Thrive with 10-35


If you would like to donate directly to the family of Deputy Ishmael, CAHP Credit Union has also set up a memorial fund and it can be found here:

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